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I'm creating a DW community ([community profile] thecybertronian ) to transfer over there due to the new privacy agreement (that you HAD to accept even though they had a not now option).

I was also thinking of having a weekly discussion post over there for fandom things related to Transformers. Here's hoping LJ will let me import to DW.

Also, editors, please PM me at [personal profile] ravynstoneabbey for invites to the new comm.
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Completely my fault, dearhearts, for getting sucked into real life (cheatsheet: I'm trying to move house and get the munchkin ready for school all within the same month. Add in some hiccups with LJ in the past two weeks, and it has made things fun.)

So instead of the post being on the 11th (we ought to keep to the tradition of being late, lol), going to push the timetable back a bit, but we will have a special post on the 11th with suggestions welcome on the topic.

Nominations are still open HERE. Date has been changed to the 15th. Please feel free to share this with everybody who would be interested.
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August 11 marks the fifth anniversary of this newsletter. I was thinking to mark the occasion that we do a greatest hits fic and art contest, in addition to a headers contest.

Greatest Hits

These are to be fics or art you find to be the classics, must reads, or simply wonderful. They can cover all the continuities from G1 to TF: Prime.

The fics and art that are selected will be posted on August 11 in a special issue. The header will be used in the newsletter profile or used in the layout.

From today (July 20) till 11:59pm Eastern (UTC -4) August 1st, please hop over here to post your nominations. They will be tabulated and put up for a vote on August 2nd. Voting will end promptly Aug 9 at midnight, eastern time (UTC -4) with the big reveal on August 11.


For the graphics makers, I am looking for headers that can be used in the profile and possibly layout.

Rules and the submission post is here.

Please direct any questions or suggestions to this post and I will get to them as fast as I can.
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I would like to apologize to any of our readers who've missed issues due to them not being up in a timely manner. Real life does have a funny way of biting one on the aft.

I hate to do it, but I have turned on IP logging for the community and turned off anon commenting, since apparently that gave people the right to be rude and hateful about issues not being on time.

I apologize for being ill, and for having a broken computer and also for having real life things that required my attention. I also apologize for Delilah's lack of a computer and Mitzi's need to take care of some aggravating real life issues.

Hopefully, things will settle down and we can have regular issues, and until then, I beg for your indulgence and understanding.
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I am very happy to announce that [livejournal.com profile] splendidshadows has kindly volunteered to become our newest editor, filling [livejournal.com profile] naggingfishwife's spot.
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I decided to start a community for all continuities of the TF fandom. [livejournal.com profile] tf_fandom is where you can post links to things you want lots of people to see but don't want to spam the other communities.

The only requirements is that you keep it to links and not post actual fic, art or discussion.
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A whole year of the newsletter!  A small idea, now with three issues a week full of fic, art and discussion.  It now boasts 204 readers and is a valuable resource for fandom.

I am working on improving the newsletter, which will enable our intrepid editors to assemble the newsletters quickly and with a minimum of stress. It's still in the planning stages, so I will keep y'all updated as things progress.

Thank you so much, [personal profile] naggingfishwife, [profile] huntingospray, [personal profile] mmouse15, [personal profile] delilahdraken and [personal profile] kinrazza for devoting so much time and energy to the newsletter, for without y'all, I fear there wouldn't be a newsletter for Transformers fandom.

I have the links for my late issues, and am trying my best to carve out time to compile them. I hope to have them done this week. Apologies for the lateness.
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I am very happy to announce that [livejournal.com profile] kinrazza has agreed to become the new meta editor of [livejournal.com profile] thecybertronian, and [livejournal.com profile] huntingospray has volunteered to become co-Art editor with [livejournal.com profile] n_f_w!
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The Cybertronian is in need of a second art editor to alternate with [profile] n_f_w

Responsibilities will include: gathering links from the LJ watch list and the dA watch list and compiling the links into a formatted post, with the template being provided.  Posts should ideally be done by midnight local time or a marker post posted since real life does have a nasty habit of getting in the way of fun Internet times.

Estimated time spent: 10-15 minutes daily collecting links, 1-2 hours weekly to compile the post. [[profile] n_f_w, feel free to tell me if the estimate is wrong]

Please email me @ ravynstone.abbey@gmail.com or comment in the post. 
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I will be changing the schedule of the Art/Meta Issue to every other week, which means the next issue of the Art/Meta issue will be December 26.
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I'm combining this week's and next week's issues of the Art & Meta issue of The Cybertronian, due to some real life things I need to take care of this week, like finishing up my NaNo novel and other matters. Delilah, number your issue #30. Also, #30 will be the end of the first volume of the Cybertronian, and mine will be the beginning of the second volume.
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This is for submitting information that isn't otherwise posted on the TF comms I watch.

List of TF comms watched by the editor
Fic Challenge Communities

Email address for submission: the.cybertronian@gmail.com. When submitting info, please use the following templates: Click on the links for a pre-formatted email form for each type. 

Info Template
Type: (news, new community, interesting website, etc)
Brief Summary: One or two sentences with proper spelling and grammar describing the submission.

Fic/Art Submission Template
LJ User/Website:
Continuity: TV, TF86, KISSPLAY, Comics, TF 2007, Novels, etc. 
Ratings and Warnings:
Notes: Please warn for anything potentially squicky (sticky, non-con, gore, death, etc) and note if worksafe or not and note for spoilers if necessary.

Ratings and Genre Info for classifying your art and fics.
Ratings Guides used by FF.net
Ratings Guide used by MediaMiner.org This also has a discussion of genres, fic types and the ratings used by MM.org. Excellent resource.
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The one-stop place for all your Transformers needs, from G1 to the 2007 Movie and beyond.  Covering toys to comics with fic, art, icons, graphics and discussion rounding everything out.  I'll be poking into the TF forums, the growing base of TF communities on LJ and perusing artists at dA, Paper Demon  and other art sites.  I will also be using digg, del.icio.us and other websites to gather interesting things.

I won't try to cover everything TF related as quite frankly that would be a huge task for one person. 

I would like to thank all those who've shown interest by asking to join.  Posting will only be done by a mod and every post will be public, so watch the comm for the updates.

I plan to post weekly on Wednesdays so this coming Wednesday, August 15 will be Issue #1 covering from the 8th to the an hour or so before each posting.  Tags will be used with a tag for each issue, and volume number.  I'm planning four volumes in a year of around 26 issues in each volume. 

Email the editor at the.cybertronian@gmail.com with news and anything that I may have missed.  The only rule for posts if it is f-locked or otherwise members-only, I will not cover it.  I also will not mention any drama, unless it is related to LJ being stupid again.  Newsletters are not for wank.
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