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Completely my fault, dearhearts, for getting sucked into real life (cheatsheet: I'm trying to move house and get the munchkin ready for school all within the same month. Add in some hiccups with LJ in the past two weeks, and it has made things fun.)

So instead of the post being on the 11th (we ought to keep to the tradition of being late, lol), going to push the timetable back a bit, but we will have a special post on the 11th with suggestions welcome on the topic.

Nominations are still open HERE. Date has been changed to the 15th. Please feel free to share this with everybody who would be interested.
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August 11 marks the fifth anniversary of this newsletter. I was thinking to mark the occasion that we do a greatest hits fic and art contest, in addition to a headers contest.

Greatest Hits

These are to be fics or art you find to be the classics, must reads, or simply wonderful. They can cover all the continuities from G1 to TF: Prime.

The fics and art that are selected will be posted on August 11 in a special issue. The header will be used in the newsletter profile or used in the layout.

From today (July 20) till 11:59pm Eastern (UTC -4) August 1st, please hop over here to post your nominations. They will be tabulated and put up for a vote on August 2nd. Voting will end promptly Aug 9 at midnight, eastern time (UTC -4) with the big reveal on August 11.


For the graphics makers, I am looking for headers that can be used in the profile and possibly layout.

Rules and the submission post is here.

Please direct any questions or suggestions to this post and I will get to them as fast as I can.
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The Cybertronian - Special Update

Hi guys, there's been a bit of a disaster over at the TF Wiki. You may have noticed that it went down a few hours ago, well it seems that they attempted an upgrade but unfortunately it failed and their backup was also corrupted. Looks like a lot of data has been lost, source is here.

Now hopefully their techs will be able to salvage slightly older backups, but as a last resort it has been requested that if people have a spare five minutes to go through their history folders and save any pages they may have visited recently on the wiki there is a chance that they may need to use them to restore the wiki to its former glory.

Let's hope they can salvage another backup, but in the mean time if it's appropriate for you to do so, perhaps you could hold off on clearing your history files until we know if saving pages is going to be a help for them. (As I understand it they are hoping that one of the other admins made a personal backup of the site in addition to the one made prior to the upgrade.)

If you do have anything saved already then copies can be emailed to maege1 (at) gmail.com with the subject "TFWiki saved pages."

We'll keep you updated.
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Everybody, please check Fanhistory.com's wiki to see if there is a page about you. They use info scraped from FF.net profiles to start articles. So in the interest of owning your penname and information, please check. (hattip to [livejournal.com profile] misskalloway @ this post)

I checked and it is mostly fic publish times and links to FanworksFinder.

ETA: I'm posting this so y'all can go see if there is a page about you and to make sure the information contained is correct and up to date.

My personal opinion is that having a page that is about you and that can be edited by anybody with an account who can put *anything* on that page and have it appear as if *you* believe/said/did it makes me uncomfortable.
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