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Volume 35, Issue #1028

The Cybertronian

Fiction Edition
03-09 June 2017

Editor's Note

Plenty to read this week. As always, please let me know if there's anything I missed or need to change.


K Fics (G)

None this week

K+ Fics (PG)

None this week

T Fics (PG-13)

ladydragon76, Proposal [IDW, Rung/Wing]
Rizobact and dragonofdispair, She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) [TFP SG, Prowl/Soundwave, Megatron. Cliffjumper, Knock Out, lima syndrome, dark themes]

M Fics (R)

fuzipenguin, Long Journey Home [G1, Sideswipe/Sunstreaker, Ratchet, First Aid, references to depression and suicide]
Kit_SummerIsle, Asleep, Epilogue [TFP, Megatronus/Orion Pax, Megatron/Orion Pax, Megatron/Optimus Prime, Soundwave, non-explicit torture]
LittleMewLugia, The Female of the Species, chapter 2 [Bayverse]
For the Race: Queen Bee, Chapter [Bayverse, Sam, Bumblebee]

sammyphoenix, Starting Again, Chapter 5 [G1, Thundercracker/Ultra Magnus, arranged marriage. H/c]

MA Fics (NC-17)

fuzipenguin, Tumbleweeds, Chapters 121, 122 and 123 [multiple, ensemble]

Plotbunnies & Challenges

None this week

tfiwts {Transformers Fanfic I want to see}

None this week

Fic Recs

None this week

Beta requests

None this week


tfiwts has moved to Dreamwidth.
Rizobact and dragonofdispair, Throught the Looking Glass, redux, Chapters 10, 11, 12 and 13 [photo comic, rated teen and up, Jazz/Prowl, Megatron, Constructicons, Shockwave]
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Would you be able to add my dreamwidth to be tracked like my lj was? ^^
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Out of curiosity, is there a reason it's been a while since an issue? I'm probably just being nitpicky...
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Understandable. Stuff happens. :)