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Volume 35, Issue #1025

The Cybertronian

Fiction Edition
29 April - 7 May, 2017

Editor's Note

Fandom, I am sorry this is late. At least it exists, which is more than the last time I was supposed to do the newsletter. I will try to do better.

Please, pretty please, let me know if I missed anything. I want to put out the most complete newsletter I can, but the move to Dreamwidth is a big transition, and I may have missed postings.


K Fics (G)

None this week.

K+ Fics (PG)

None this week.

T Fics (PG-13)

[ profile] kit-summerisle Ch. 3: Trusting Street Rat [Ratchet, Drift, Gasket, Pharma, AU]
Ch. 1 Contrast [Wheeljack, Mirage, AU]

M Fics (R)

[personal profile] wicked3659 Ch. 20 The Praxian Solution [Prowl, Jazz, ensemble, IDW/G1, violence, noncon, OCs]

MA Fics (NC-17)

[ profile] fuzipenguin Ch. 119: Megatron/Optimus - Two Way, Sunstreaker/Sideswipe - I Believe You Tumbleweeds [various characters, various universes, various warnings]

Plotbunnies & Challenges

None this week.

tfiwts {Transformers Fanfic I want to see}

[personal profile] juneghost would like someone to help create a header/banner. If interested, here's the link.

Fic Recs

None this week.

Beta requests

None this week.


Here is a list of comms that are moving to Dreamwidth.
[community profile] prowlxjazz
[community profile] tf_rare_pairing
[community profile] dinobotsrule
[community profile] flesh_and_steel
[community profile] cassetteobots
[community profile] gestalt_love
[community profile] seekerslove
[community profile] tf_bunny_farm
[community profile] tfic_contest
[community profile] tformers100
[community profile] beexsam
[community profile] tf2007fun

If you know more comms, please let me know in the comments. Thank you!


[ profile] rizobact and [ profile] dragonofdispair, Ch. 1, Ch. 2: Comfort Glitter Through the Looking Glass, Redux [Jazz, Prowl, Megatron, Constructicons, Shockwave, rated T, photo comic]
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Hi my journal used to be followed on LiveJournal. Not sure if my dreamwidth one still is. I'm losing track of where I've posted my updates. I updated my fic praxian solution last week. I can post it in my dreamwidth if I forgot to do that :)