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18-24 February 2017

Editor's Note

Morning all :) Plenty of fic to enjoy this week, and some photo comics too. If there's anything I need to change, just let me know.


K Fics (G)

GunTotingScienceNerd, Dressed to Match [G1, Jazz/Prowl, Ratchet, fluff]
[ profile] shadyferret, Deceptive Love, Chapter 10 [no continuity specified, Jazz/Prowl]

K+ Fics (PG)

None this week

T Fics (PG-13)

None this week

M Fics (R)

GunTotingScienceNerd, Mistaken identities [IDW, Megatronus/Solus, Megatron/Rodimus, domestic violence, canon-typical violence]

MA Fics (NC-17)

GunTotingScienceNerd, Picking up the Pieces, chapter 14 and Chapter 15 [IDW, Megatron/Rodimus, Rodimus/Unknown, Ratchet, Ravage, noncon, BDSM, aftermath of torture]
[ profile] shadyferret, Risk in Wanting, Chapter 10 [continuity not specified, Jazz/Prowl, see fic for details, there is a PG-13 version of this at]

Not rated

Bibliotecaria_D, Predilection, Chapters 7-10 [G1, IDW, TFP, ensemble, written for kinkfest, author chooses not to warn]

Plotbunnies & Challenges

None this week

tfiwts {Transformers Fanfic I want to see}

None this week

Fic Recs

None this week

Beta requests

None this week


Rizobact, Continuing Down The Rabbit Hole [PG-13, photocomic, Jazz, Prowl]
Kings of the Castle, Chapter 1 [G rated, photocomic, Jazz, Prowl]

Besast Wars toy and figure news
Date/Time: 2017-02-26 13:52 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
I've got two stories from this week I wanted to share. Can someone help me in regards to getting things setup properly to share here in the future?
Date/Time: 2017-02-26 23:23 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
I post them here on LJ with links to AO3.
Date/Time: 2017-02-27 16:50 (UTC)Posted by: [identity profile]
Let's do it through AO3. That way if I forget to post in my LJ it will still be shared. Thanks for your help!


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